As a Libertarian, I bring an independent voice to the debate in Montpelier. As your state senator, my work will be issue-oriented,  by cutting spending and lowering taxes.

Some of my platform positions include:

  • Release all nonviolent offenders from prison and to put them to work in the community
  • Introduce one-time vehicle registration fees
  • Eliminate new gun measures signed by Gov. Phil Scott in April. I’m 100 percent pro-gun. As long as you are a law abiding citizen, you should be able to have any gun.
  • Repeal the income tax.
  • Eliminate Fusion – Fusion does not benefit the voters. It is a tool to get politicians elected and it is an unfair system. When a candidate runs under fusion they have two parties working for them, more money and more volunteers.

More positions will be coming shortly.


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